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Tiny hands off!

Made or posted on Jan 23, 2017

Up close, the half-million turnout for the Women’s March on Washington, Jan. 21, resembled paraders on an oddly cool and hazy July 4th — though with an appropriately female majority.

Posters, banners and chants reproached President Trump, sworn in nearby a day before, for his habitual disses of women and others: “Keep your tiny hands off my human rights.”

Marchers turned cartoons of uteruses and fallopian tubes into protests of Trump’s politically expedient switch to anti-abortion rhetoric.

Marchers’ slogans scorned Trump for his all-around bad behavior and particularly his disrespectful treatment of women. They tweaked him for the “golden showers” he allegedly (and believably) commissioned from Moscow sex workers.

Given the new President’s self-proclaimed behavior toward women, demonstrators expressed worries for his third wife (“Free Melania!”) and his daughter Ivanka (Double-click images below to see enlargement.)

The broader range of grievances included Trump’s hostility toward refugees and undocumented immigrants and toward gay and lesbian civil rights.