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Spinning Jennie

Made or posted on Oct 14, 2017

Our second dog, Jennie Charlotte, weighed about 11 pounds when she came home from her breeder two weeks ago. Now she’s gaining a pound a week and more than enough confidence.

She joins her half-brother Barney, who just turned four. He’s as reserved, dutiful and gentle as she is super-busy. Jennie is alternately nippy, affectionate and asleep.

Optional spiel: Both dogs are multigenerational Australian Labradoodles, a relatively new breed developed Down Under as a service dog for people allergic to most dogs. When bred over many generations, this mix routinely comes out hypoallergenic and nonshedding like poodles and sweet-natured like retrievers, with a squirt of cocker spaniel DNA added for a lustrous coat.

Jennie and Barney share a low-key father, Schoggi. Her mother at Windsor Creek Labradoodles in southeast Pennsylvania is Zara.

Jennie and her four litter-mates were conceived in late May and born Aug. 2, 2017. All have a few white markings; she’s mostly caramel-colored, while the other four are dark chocolate. (Photos by Windsor Creek Labradoodles.)



Small yella dog gets bee in her bonnet..

She came to D.C. Oct. 5, 2017, riding part way on my shoulders.


Though Barney has grumbled and growled at Jennie’s incursions, he made sure to show her his big chewing stick (below) in hopes that she’ll chase him.

Jennie may be smarter than her big brother, or at least more adept at applying her skills to meet her objectives, vision and mission. She understood immediately that the side door and back door of our house go to the same place — i.e., outdoors. Barney figured that out months later and still enjoys using both for round-trips, when possible.

In their puppy days, the Paul Newman eyes (below) are temporary. Jennie’s eyes are turning gold.



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  1. Love the photo of Jennie riding on your shoulder!

  2. LOVE the photo with Jennie peering around Stephen – worth hanging on the wall.
    fab. You are all having even more fun at home! Enjoy!