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Jean Kukulan Reilly’s birthday

Made or posted on Sep 22, 2013

Suspension tower, new Bay Bridge

For her 93rd birthday, Nick drove his mom and guests across the new Bay Bridge (above) to dinner at a great vegetarian restaurant called Greens in the Fort Mason Center, San Francisco.



Representing the next generation were Annis and Nick, their daughter Laura, her friend Zach and cousin Steve (not shown) from the East Coast.

P1010961RAfter admiring Jean’s and other ski-jump noses, we tested the proposed theorum that a person’s nose will equal the length of two joints of a finger. I suspected it would be possible to prove or disprove the rule every time, depending on where you set the upper limit of the nose and which finger you used.

Zach documented my presence with a photo (below), though I still had not learned how to smile for a photo, no matter how happy and well fed I was.



When desserts arrived with a candle, Jean took time to consider her choice of birthday wish.



Out the window, the sun was setting behind the Golden Gate Bridge.


A couple of days later, Jean was out for lunch in her tanklike old Volvo.

Jean w her white Volvo wagon

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  1. Wonderful photos and memories. Thanks Steve.
    Best, Annis and Nick