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Baby Andrew

Made or posted on Apr 12, 2013


My family seems to regard stubbornness, short of muleheadedness, as a admirable or at least inescapable personality trait. When that family combines with another that is even more Norwegian, percentagewise, there’s been reason to breathe easy as Andrew Michael Knutson, born March 18, demonstrated that he won’t express himself by endless wailing.

Instead, glimpses of varied emotion pass quickly across his face. His brow wrinkles with a worry and then he smiles just as briefly, not knowing yet how much pleasure that inspires.


Congratulations, Gina and Michael! Below, they admire their boy, flanked by Cousin Peter, Grandma Knutson, at left, and Aunt Sandy and Cousin Orlando, at right. Click on photo for a larger image. (It’s a hand-assembled panorama, so there are some incongruities, and a few of us couldn’t fit in.)


Gina mothering Andrew



Grandma Knutson, above, inspects the bundle, as well as his Grandma Behrens, Aunt Nohemi, Aunt Sandy and Uncle Jerry,  in pictures below.

Grandma Behrens and Gina with Andrew


Rosa-and-Nohemi Nohemi-and-Andrew2 Jerry-Sandy-Andrew


Orlando, Sandy and Rosa Behrens are in Kitsap County from Durango, joining big brother Herman for the baby inspection tour.



Though daily life will change somewhat for Michael and Gina, please consider the plight of Precious, a sweet old dog who suddenly is no longer the baby of the family.



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  1. Hi, Steve,
    What a delightful collection of photos of family members. I’d love photo quality so I may print photos for my family album.
    Also, I’d love to have a copy of what you’ve written so far on the Carrie biography. I have a family recipe book from a Hilstad reunion of the 1990’s. I’ll send a copy – delicious recipes from the great Hilstad’s cooks.