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Cookies sure to crumble

Made or posted on Dec 15, 2004



Every December, Mlle. B gets busy with her butter-cookie batter, decorations and suggestive cookie-cutters. When we receive her holiday package, the stories that inevitably come to mind are not all identical, but they do tend to involve foreign intrigue and tragic trajectories into the demimonde.


What else can happen to ballet goddesses after their triumphs in the spotlight but sudden deaths, perhaps at the small hands of mysterious little people who come back and pretend to grieve.


Those who survive find themselves working cut-rate bordellos, where the UPS man delivers antibiotics from … and accepts the next-day delivery fee in trade.


His life, too, spirals downward. Stripped of his brown UPS shorts, he must enlist to fight in no-win foreign wars.

Cookie gets physical
[Thanks to authors of the non-cookie photos incorporated in composites above. They were copied from the Web for purposes of noncommercial parody and will be removed from the Web if you demonstrate your authorship and object to this usage.]