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Reunion: Post-Stonewall g’libbers

Made or posted on Apr 24, 1993

In their 20s, soon after Stonewall, these D.C. guys started the Gay Liberation Front-D.C., which briefly but loudly protested the laws and attitudes opposing same-sex love.

In their 40s, the men who had so far survived AIDS came back for a reunion in 1993.

In these 16 minutes, I tried to capture the scene, verité style, using a early portable VHS recorder and crude editing technique, undercut by shortcomings of cheap analog video. Nevertheless, You Are There at the end of the film, for a sad, sad honor roll of activists and friends who hadn’t survived the two decades.

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Rainbow History Project, D.C.’s regional LGBTQ history archive, posted this video and some of my photos from the GLF period and since.

As a member of a GLF-DC consciousness-raising group, I documented our apolitical jaunt to the historic river town of Harper’s Ferry, W.Va.